Seville Aquarium: Magellan's journey

The Seville aquarium is a revival of Magellan's journey and circumnavigation of the world departing from the city of Seville, the aim is to show the marine species encountered by the Portuguese explorer. Inside the structure it is therefore possible to see species that represent the biodiversity of rivers, seas, oceans and jungles that exist on earth.

Seville Aquarium: what you need to know

The Seville aquarium features 35 tanks and a path of over 700 meters where you can see over 400 species of aquatic animals that have been placed in habitats recreated for the occasion. Among these could not miss the sharks, the aquatic predators favored by children who are reserved a water with more than 2 billion liters of water and 9 meters high, it is the deepest aquarium in the whole nation Spanish.

Among the interesting activities within theSeville aquarium we must necessarily mention the "Night with the sharks" it is a singular and interesting initiative where it is practically possible to take an excursion inside the structure at night and stop to sleep under the main tank, right where there are sharks.

Seville Aquarium prices and timetables

The aquarium has different opening hours, the structure is open at the following times and days:

From March 1st to August 31st the activity will respect the following times:

  • Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 20.00
  • From Friday to Sunday: 10.00 - 22.00

Since January 1 to February 28 the aquarium will remain open:

  • Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 19.00
  • From Friday to Sunday: 10.00 - 21.00

Since 1 September at 31 October:

  • Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 20.00
  • From Friday to Sunday: 10.00 - 21.00

Since 1 November to 31 December will respect the following times

  • Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 19.00
  • From Friday to Sunday: 10.00 - 21.00

As regards the Seville Aquarium ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adults: 15 €
  • Children from 4 to 14 years: 10 €
  • Disabled: € 10
  • Adults over 65: € 10

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How to get to the Seville Aquarium

Reaching the aquarium is not absolutely difficult, from the center it is possible to get there by car, or alternatively through the public transport:

By bus take the number 30 (it runs every 20 minutes) and you can take it at Paseo Colon, next to the Torre dell'Oro. Get off at Paseo de Las Delicias, you will find the Aquarium about 500 meters away. Alternatively you can interact with the map above by entering your starting point for calculate the fastest route.

Seville AquariumSevilla Aquarium, Magellan's circumnavigation of the world experience. At Acuario Sevilla, Muelle de las Delicias, s / n, 41012 SevillaSevilla, Sevilla41012E

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