What to eat in Seville

Typical dishes of Seville

Gastronomy typical of Seville it is very rich and is certainly one of the most representative of Andalusian cuisine. Various and elaborate dishes with meats, fish, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Cooked in frying, stewed or even in the form of a sandwich. You will hardly be able to leave the Andalusian capital without tasting the dishes that we are going to tell you in this article.

You can order them in tapas or rations, in a bar or restaurant, but we can assure you that you will certainly not go out hungry. Also because "we taste that tapa", "we take half a ration of that", "but don't we take a tapa of this?" and your lunch / aperitif / dinner in Seville will be memorable!

Also remember to look at our article “What to eat in Andalucia” as there are dishes and products that you will have to eat in Seville!


Flamenco style eggs

It is a dish very traditional of Sevillan cuisine. Very simple but exquisite. The dish consists of vegetables such as: tomato, potatoes, peas and onion. Sometimes you may also find it with red pepper. Along with these vegetables must also be added diced jamón and chorizo. Then a fried egg is added on top. It is usually served in a clay saucepan.

If on the menu of the bar there will be a dish called "Pisto" it's more or less the same dish. The only difference is that there will be only vegetables and possibly the egg, but not the jamón and chorizo, characteristic of Los huevos a la flamenca.


Bull's tail or tail

The bull's tail is cooked in a stewed together with tomato, onion, bay leaf, carrots, white wine and a little garlic. It is cooked for about 3/4 hours. It is served together with the exquisite sauce that comes out of the preparation. It is also usually served with french fries or baked.

It is a very popular dish in Seville and Córdoba.


Montadito of pringá

It is a small one sandwich stuffed with "puchero" meat. Pringá is the meat that is cooked in this typical Andalusian dish. It is usually a mix of chicken and veal with fat or "tocino". In some cases it also contains chorizo ​​(Spanish salami) and morcilla (black pudding). It is a very good and very popular sandwich in Seville!


Soldiers of Pavia

This is the cod, desalted, floured and then fried. Very typical to eat in Seville!


Sevillian veal

This recipe from calf meat it is prepared with many aromatic ingredients such as saffron, parsley, rosemary, cinnamon, almonds and olives. Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and onions are also used. Very good!


Chickpeas With Spinach 

Chickpeas with spinach can be found all year round, but it is above all a very popular dish typical of Semana Santa sevillana.


Rice with snails and asparagus

Traditional from the province of Seville. It is a dish made from rice with asparagus and snails. Very very special!


Rabbit to wine

This typical recipe combines the rabbit with fine wine (dry white) almonds, bay leaves and thyme.


Typical sweets of Seville

After a lunch or dinner where you have ordered tapas from A to Zinc, we unroll the parchment of the typical sweets of Seville. Sweets that are also easy to take home, in case you want to bring some Andalucia to Italy.

Take note of the more traditional sweets of Seville and province:


Yemas de San Leandro

There are very popular pastries in Seville. They get ready at the Convent of San Leandro. It is a very old recipe based on egg yolk and sugar.

If you wanted to go and buy them right at the Convent of San Leandro, we tell you that it is located at Plaza San Ildefonso, 1, very close to Casa Pilatos. The time to buy is from 9 to 13 and from 16:30 to 19:00.


Utrera Mostachón

It is a very sweet typical of Utrera, a town close to Sevilla. They are made with flour, eggs, honey, sugar and cinnamon.


Inés Rosales Oil Cake

Originally from the town of Sevillan Castilleja de la Cuesta, Inés Rosales' oil pies are known throughout the world. They have been produced since 1910 and are still processed and wrapped one by one today. You will find the original flavor, but also some variations with orange or cinnamon flavor.

The packaging is very nice and easy to transport. If you want to buy them to take home, we recommend going to a supermarket. Its price is around 1,5 € for 6 units. You will also find them at the airport but obviously its price will be much more expensive.

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