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Il Maria Luisa Park in Seville, or in Spanish Parque de Maria Luisa, was built around 1849 at the express request of the Duke of Montpellier after the purchase of the San Telmo Palace by the gardener Lecolant, it is one of the attractions from see in Seville. The landscape idea is typical of the time and recalls the classic English garden with perfect and orderly lines. In 1893, Maria Luisa of Bourbon, wife of the duke, donated part of the gardens to the city and today they are still dedicated to her.

Maria Luisa Park in Seville: history and architecture

Il Parque de Maria Luisa after it was donated to citizenship it fell, in the years to come, into a state of neglect until in 1929 (due to the Ibero-American Exposition) it was completely restored by the municipality of Seville under the supervision of Anibal Gonzalez and the engineer Forestier who followed the initial project of the French gardener Lecolant. Between 1914 and 1929 the park was completely fenced and included within it Spain Square.

To date, in the park Maria Luisa, are hosted various species of plants including acacias, hedges, rose gardens, elms and particular flowers that come from all over the world. Inside the garden it is also possible to admire artificial lakes, statues dedicated to famous artists such as Cervantes and Becquer, from the collections of Seville porcelain and the fountains that decorate the entire architectural ensemble. On the occasion of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, exhibition areas such as the archaeological Museum (in Renaissance style) which contains finds from the Roman city of Italica, il Museum of Arts and Costumes in Mudejar style and the Royal Pavilion in gothic style.

Maria Luisa Park timetables and how to get there

The Maria Luisa Park it is open to the public every day from hours to 9 22, when the gates are closed (also Piazza di Spagna). Access is possible for everyone and completely free of charge, only the accesses to the exhibitions inside the buildings are subject to a fee.

To get to the Maria Luisa Park it is possible to do it through the subway line and getting off at the stop "Prado in San Sebastian”And heading towards Spanish Steps, or through the Tram line and always getting off at the “Prado di San Sebastian” stop. Here are the directions:

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