La Casa Pilatos: exciting stylistic mix in Seville

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To be del historic center of Seville, near the ancient "Puerta de Carmona" there is an inimitable treasure of Sevillian artistic heritage, the Pilatos house.

The Casa de Pilatos which recalls the house of Pontius Pilate.

The history of the Casa de Pilatos

Details in the main courtyard.

For this monument we have to thank the Leave Tarifa who in 1518 undertook a two-year journey betweenEurope and Holly Land. Upon his return to Seville, he fell in love with the Italian Renaissance culture, begins to modify the aesthetics of his building, also influencing the surrounding Sevillian cultural environment. The name Pilate's House, in fact, it derives from the inspiration that the Marquis had when he saw Jerusalem there house of Pontius Pilate.

Mix of styles: Gothic balustrade, Renaissance fountain, Arabian plaster and Andalusian tiles.

The House of Pilatos di Siviglia

The exterior of the building is not flashy, it follows the urban style of the area. Only the entrance door in marble from 1529 heralds something wonderful. Immediately after the ticket office, in fact, an incredible courtyard opens up. The main courtyard, the nerve center of the building, is essentially in stile arabeggiante mudejar completed with tiles (tiles) typically Andalusian and plaster details.

The external facade of the house.
The statue of Minerva.

In the main courtyard, in addition to the fascinating decorations, you can see the gothic balustrade and especially in the corners three o'clock imposing statues Roman (Minerva, Ceres and a dancing muse) and a copy of a Greek statue representing Athena. In between, one fountain imported from Genoa, accompanies tourists with the relaxing sound of water. This environment is undoubtedly one of the most evocative of Seville.

The main courtyard of the Casa de Pilatos.

From the beautiful courtyard there are other spaces to be enjoyed such as the Judges Rest Room which includes a significant chapel. The corridor de Zaquizamí, on the other hand, will lead us to some archaeological elements preserved in the palace, eventually resulting ininevitable garden. Note, in addition to the plaster decorations, the statues and the tiles, i ceilings of the halls carved in wood.

The garden and the internal facade.

Advice on the Casa de Pilatos

La Pilatos house it is ultimately a place to photograph and to enjoy as long as possible. Given the price not very cheap of the ticket (10 €) not all tourists of the city of Seville propose to visit this wonder and therefore it will be possible to enjoy theexperience in complete tranquility. In Seville there are other very important Palace-Houses such as the Lebrija Palace and Casa Salinas.

Tiles and carved ceiling along the staircase.

Where to sleep in the center of Seville

Somewhere close to Casa Pilatos is a great area to stay. The whole historic center of Seville, however, offers different solutions. Here you will find the accommodation that best suits you in this area. Below, however, all the offers in the city:

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