Aire de Sevilla, the Arab baths in Seville

Aire de Sevilla, the Arab baths in Seville

One of the most extraordinary places in Seville, absolutely to visit, are the Arab baths Aire de Sevilla, located in the center of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, in Calle Aire, from which the structure takes its name. Aire De Sevilla is an oasis in the heart of the city, a space of well-being and relaxation to get away from the frenzy of today's life.

The structure is managed by AIRE Group, which took care of the renovation now 15 years ago. Due to its ever-increasing popularity, other spas have subsequently opened in different cities around the world. Often, however, these Arab baths and this hammam are not known to visitors to the city, so they miss the opportunity to spend a different day than usual.

Arab baths in Seville

The origin of the structure is Arab, with Roman origins that recall the classics spa. After the end of the Arab domination these baths fell into disuse, and many of those scattered throughout Andalusia were completely destroyed: the conquering Christians considered sinful the practice of long bathing.

The structure that can still be seen today dates back to the sixteenth century, when the Governor of the Indies had a magnificent palace built there in Mudejar style. As soon as you enter, you descend into a welcoming environment with soft lights and red walls. Background music, incense and natural oils help create a certain atmosphere.

In addition to the relaxing waters there is one tea Room, where you can taste more than 30 fragrances, together with a taste of Arab sweets. This room also represents the beginning of the path, before diving into the thermal waters. The water area consists of three parts, each with different aromas and temperatures.

Treatments and massages

Like any self-respecting hammam, even theSeville air offers a series of treatments and massages among which the most interesting are undoubtedly:

  • The "Turkish massage", the most requested by the guests of the structure.
  • The “Al-Andalus” massage, which consists of an exfoliation with a Kessa glove and black soap.
  • The very original chocolate treatment that uses the properties of cocoa to revitalize the skin.
  • The “Ritual on the water”, which consists of a massage on the water, letting yourself be massaged by it.
Aire de Sevilla, the Arab baths in Seville
The Cathedral seen from the rooftop pool of the Aire de Sevilla

Useful information about the visit

Il Admission standard includes an hour and a half thermal path, where you immerse yourself in the waters and relax in the tea room. To this you can then add one of the many massages lasting 15 minutes.


If you decide to take a relaxing break by visiting the Aire de Sevilla, you will only need to bring a bathing suit with you; the structure takes care of everything else.

It is advisable to book the visit in advance via the internet, to avoid the risk of not finding a place and to avoid possible queues at the entrance. The routes depart every hour and a half, from 10.00 in the morning, until 22.00 in the evening. On Fridays and Saturdays there are night baths from 00.00 to 01.30. Admission is allowed only to people over 18 years old.

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