Getting around in Seville

Getting around in Seville

The capital of Andalucia has approx 750 thousand inhabitants, it is a huge urban center that cannot be covered entirely on foot. For this reason it is good to know how to move in Seville.

The huge historic center, completely pedestrianized, it is full of narrow and typical streets of this region, this is the ideal space to walk on foot to discover, in detail, the Andalusian capital and enjoy it to the fullest. In fact, Seville has the second largest historical center in Europe.

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Getting around in Seville: bus, metro, bicycle and tram

Getting around in Seville

Getting around in the capital of Andalucia is very simple, buses and the metro are the cheapest means and work perfectly. In particular the coaches operate from 6 in the morning to 24, but during the night it is possible to take advantage of the night buses that depart from Plaza Nueva or da Prado de San Sebastian.

In the various tourist offices it is possible to take, for free, all timetables with routes and bus lines, in this way it will be really easy to move around the city. The cost of the ticket is 1 €, but it is possible to make a subscription of 10 races at the price of € 3,90. Alternatively, you can use Google Maps to know the fastest movements and the lines to use.

The metro is another valid solution, the ticket price is about € 1,50 / € 1,80, but it is possible to buy a bonometer and lower the cost to € 1,17 per way. The subway runs through the whole city, is very convenient and leaves you in the center. The price varies according to the tramline (the metro is divided into three parts, if you only use the center the cost will be € 1,50).

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the tram that goes by San Bernardo Fino to Plaza Nueva, crossing avenue of the Costitucion (where the Cathedral of Seville is located). For Tram, Metro and Bus it is possible to use a bonometer, the same as the metro so to speak.

If you are looking for other solutions and want to know how to move in Seville in addition to the use of trams, metro and buses, you can use the service of Bike sharing, but during the summer it is good to avoid this vehicle due to the great heat it creates in the city. To be able to inform you about where the bicycle rental centers are located, you can call the 954274566 phone, the price for renting the bikes was as follows:

  • 10 € 4 hours
  • 18 € 8 hours
  • 20 € 24 hours
  • € 50 all week.

How many lines does the Seville metro have?

The Seville metro has only 1 metro line which is good because it will be difficult to go wrong, you just have to take the direction you are interested in. Through the Seville metro line you can move to the center of the city, in the future there will be a second line that allows you to reach the Santa Justa train station but for now the closest stop is Nervion.

As previously mentioned, the Seville metro line is divided into three "tramways" ranging from:

  1. Section 0 from Expo City to Blas Infante
  2. Section 1 from Blas Infante to Pablo Olavide (University)
  3. Section 2 Plabo from Olavide Fino to Olivar de Quintos

The change from one stretch to the top involves an additional cost of a few cents. Here you can find the map with all the metro stops in Seville:

Getting around in Seville

Seville metro prices

I have mentioned several times to the price of the Seville metro, this varies according to the jumps that you will give between the various trams of the line (if you pass for example from Ciudad expo to Plaza de Cuba you will have to count a jump).

If you do not make any "jump" you will pay the basic fare (about € 1,35 with a ticket or € 1,17 if you take a bonometer). If you make a jump you will have to pay an extra and the total will be € 1.60, if you make two an additional extra for a maximum of about € 1,80.

There is the option of getting a full-day metro ticket for € 4,50, which is useful if you make a lot of trips on the metro. Alternatively there is the bonometer, or 10 trips that will cost you about: 0,82 cents without jumps per trip, 1,17 for 1 jump, 1,37 for two jumps. You can use the bonometer in one year.

Seville metro timetables

The Seville Metro it is not always open, in fact during the week it respects the following times:

  • From Monday to Thursday: from 6.30 am to 23.00 pm
  • Fridays and special holidays (special events or before a public holiday) from 6.30 to 2.00
  • Sundays and holidays from 7.30 to 23.00

During the Seville Fair the metro is open 24 hours a day, the same also during Semana Santa.

Getting around by Taxi in Seville

How to get around Seville avoiding public transport? Well, the alternative to metro, tram, bike and bus are the taxi, it is a very convenient vehicle especially during the night in order not to stay at the times of public transport at night. To call a taxi you can use these numbers:

  • Radio Taxi: 954580000
  • Tele Taxi 954622222 XNUMX XNUMX

Taxi prices in Seville are not particularly expensive, indeed the rates are rather low compared to Italy. Alternatively you can use Uber e Cabify the best solutions to date to know how much you will pay immediately.

Car to move around Seville: better to avoid

If you are going to rent a car to get around town we advise against it, the streets of Seville are not suitable for the circulation of cars, moreover it is a very chaotic and confusing city. If, on the other hand, you want to go out of town to visit the towns around the city or reach for example Gibilterra, Ronda, Carmona, then the car is the ideal solution for getting around and certainly the cheapest way you can find if there are many of you.

I thought it was love, instead it was a Calesse… or Sevilla Tour

For a couple's trip an ideal means of transport is the horse carriage for about 35/40 euros you will be able to take a tour in the city center in 40 minutes, a beautiful tour in style that will make you remember this particular adventure forever.

Alternatively, you can opt for the tour buses which will drop you off directly at the points of interest in the city and you can hop on and off whenever you want during the duration of your ticket.

You can book the your Tour with the CityBus directly here to skip the line and avoid running out of tickets. The price does not change.

Buy Seville City Tour 24 / 48h - Priority Access!

But how to get around in Seville without worries and problems and enter all the museums in the city at practically low prices? Surely the tourist bus is a good choice and you can stop directly at points of interest such as the Alcazar of Seville, la Cartuja, or near the Metropol Parasol and many other stops.

Is it possible to get to the airport by metro?

For those wondering if it is possible to reach Seville airport via the metro the answer is no, the metro does not reach the airport. It is possible to use the bus to the airport from Santa Justa, here all the information: info Seville airport bus.

So here's how to get around Seville in an economic and safe way.

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