Free parking in Seville

Free parking in Seville

Are you in Seville and want to park without spending a euro? You are in the right place. In ForSevillaLovers we tell you all the places where you can park for free. Let's get to it!

Parking in Seville: Which option to choose

If you plan to arrive in Seville by car, there are three options to choose from to park your car:

  1. park for free outside the historic center (and by outside we also mean in a neighboring town!);
  2. reserve a spot in one of the many paid parking lots in the city;
  3. Check if your hotel or apartment has daily agreements with nearby paid car parks: those rare occasions when we slept in Seville, affiliated car parks were around 16-20 euros a day.

Length of stay, prices and location are the factors that influence the choice of car park but there are also other elements to consider and we hope we can clarify your ideas.

Where to park for free in Seville

To find free parking in Seville, you should be prepared to move away from the historic centre. The first one we recommend is near the Cartuja Monastery and, just to give you an idea of the location, it's about a 40-minute walk from the Cathedral.

Another free car park is at the southwest end of Triana and is called Parking Estación Blas Infante. However, a 30 minute walk from the Cathedral, this car park is sadly notorious for the constant presence of squatters who try to convince unfortunate tourists that parking is not paid for (there have been sporadic cases of damage to cars).

The more drastic and less comfortable solution to not lighten your wallet too much is to park outside the city, for example in the Montequinto area. Parking is free at Parking Metro Olivar de Quinto and the Olivar de Quintos metro stop, terminus of line 1, is just a few meters away. Consider, however, the cost of the metro ticket to get to the centre and the time lost, is it really worth it?

Paid parking in Seville

The historic center of Seville is mostly pedestrian and is characterized by a real maze of narrow streets where it is almost impossible to find a parking space and you risk parking in a prohibited area, with the consequent (very high) fines and impounding of vehicles. For this reason - in addition to the danger of the vehicle suffering several scratches and other damage - I will not recommend is to park in the city center , is to use the parking meters , definitely very expensive.

There is no shortage of paid parking in Seville and, besides being almost all underground, they are located in different areas of the city. Almost all accept credit cards and can also be booked online, sometimes finding interesting discounts on daily rates. Daily rates vary from €10 to €40, depending on the location of the car park. Below, we show you the main ones we recommend depending on the areas of the city and that are always open 24 hours a day.

North area, Nervión and train station

The train station area is about 30 minutes walk from what is called the monumental area (Cathedral, Alcazar and company) and can be an excellent solution not only if you intend to go to the stadium to see a Sevilla match, but also ... and more. all I would add: if you have to leave the car at the airport , as it is located along one of the main arteries of the city and it will only take you 15 minutes to get there. Three main car parks:

  • Parking INSUR Mirador de Santa Justa - 10,00 € / 24h (no hourly rate);
  • SABA ADIF Santa Justa Station - 2,00 / h, 22,65 / 24h;
  • Parking José Laguillo - rate per minute 0,0399 € (located 5 minutes by car from the station - 1h will cost you around 2,40 €).

Zona sur, Triana and bus station

This is definitely the area we prefer when we are forced to arrive in Seville by car: not too far from the centre and still affordable. Here are the best car parks:

  • Torre Sevilla car park - it's our fixed stop. Thanks to the fact that it is located under a shopping centre, the first three hours are free. In less than 20 minutes you are in the centre, in 10 minutes you are in Triana. The hourly rate is 2,00 €. Address: Inca Garcilaso, 2;
  • parking Plaza de Armas (address: Marqués de Paradas - behind the shopping centre and multiplex) - hourly rate 2,15 ¤, daytime rate 24,05 ¤;
  • parking APK2 Arjona (Calle Arjona, behind the bus station Plaza de Armas);
  • Paseo de Colón - Maestranza car park - just a few metres from the Maestranza theatre, this is the perfect car park for those staying in Seville for a maximum of two days: you won't go crazy getting in and out of the city and you'll be in the centre in a few minutes. Rate per minute 0,0303, daily 18,15 €;
  • parking Mercado del Arenal (Calle Genil, s / n) - rate per minute 0.03411 € (approximately 2.05 € / h), we recommend it only if you intend to make a brief stop: we do not know the rates per minute but I really do not conceive them, if we plan to stay in the city for two days we prefer the daily rates without the need to make a thousand bills;
  • parking Mercado de Triana (Plaza del Altozano, s / n) - minute rate of 0.032547 ¤ (about 1.95 ¤ / h). You are in the center of Triana, with all its annexes and communicated: if the streets of the old town of Seville are narrow, those of Triana are tiny, so if you decide to park there, take your car back only on the day of departure.

Paid parking in the centre of Seville

Here we are in the beating, touristy heart of the city, where everyone would like to find a parking space for convenience but also the most treacherous. To reiterate, some areas of the centre are pedestrianised and even using Google Maps to navigate the street may not be a winning option (the terror of receiving a fine in excess of €100 for passing through a ZTL should put you off). However, if you're a little Indiana Jones, here are the right car parks for you:

  • parking Plaza de la Concordia (near the Town Hall and Plaza Nueva) - hourly rate 2,50 € / h, day 22,20 €;
  • car park APK2 Magdalena (Calle San Pablo, 1);
  • Parking Imagen (Calle Santa Ángela de la Cruz, 2) - cost of the 1st hour 2,00 ¤, daily rate 22,00 ¤. It is located behind the Setas de Sevilla (Metropol Parasol) and if you have an electric car you will find a charging point.

Macarena area and María Luisa Park

The last two paid car parks that may interest you but are a good distance from the centre (don't worry, there is no lack of public transport connections):

  • Hospital Virgen Macarena car park (Calle San Juan de Ribera, s / n) hourly rate 2.40 € / h, daily 38.70 €. The cathedral is a 30-minute walk away, the Basilica de la Macarena is only 500 m away;
  • parking Estación Tren Virgen del Rocío (Calle Luis de Rosales, s / n) hourly rate 1,05 €. It is, in our opinion, the cheapest paid parking in the city, but it is 20 minutes from the Parque Maria Luisa (near the Plaza de España). It is located in the east of the city, well served by public transport also because the Benito Villamarin stadium where Betis Sevilla plays is just a few minutes away (men, attention!).
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