Vela de Triana (or di Santa Ana)

Seville it is famous for its religious festivals, among the most particular and interesting we certainly find The sail of Triana, or the feast of Sant'Anna. It is one of the largest celebrations held in the Triana neighborhood where from dusk until late at night the streets of the neighborhood, and in particular Calle Betis and Plaza Altozano, come alive with games and celebrations, the most famous of which is the "Cucaña“, Or rather a race on the Guadalquivir river which aims to take a flag.

In the area, moreover, "casetas" are built, that is areas similar to those encountered at the Seville Fair, and inside them are served typical dishes of Seville and of course beer and Andalusian wine.

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The history of La Vela de Santa Ana (Triana)

Inside the Triana district, the feast of the Vela di Sant'anna is celebrated, declared by Tourist Interest from the Andalucian region, this festival fills Calle Betis and Plaza Altozano with colors and festivities. The festival dates back to the thirteenth century and is celebrated from 21 to 26 July each year, its origin dates back to the Romeria that was previously held inside the Royal Parish of Sant'Anna.

The velada of Triana is the same as the others, at least the final goal is the same: a religious festival linked to the patron saint, to the Madonna of the neighborhood or the parish. In particular, in the Triana district, one of the most important of all is celebrated Andalucia and it is probably one of the few where the original traditions are maintained. Indeed, the Vela de Santa Ana in Triana has been celebrated in exactly the same place since the XNUMXth century.

La vela de Triana de Santa Ana: the celebrations

The start of the festivities begins with the traditional pregón that starts 6 days of fun, it all starts from where the old Hotel Triana stood, with a patio decorated and prepared for the occasion as well as the rest of the area. From the access to the Triana bridge (Isabel II), where there is a door with columns and luminous signs that welcome visitors, the area is illuminated and decorated with special lights that will remain lit throughout the day.

Small houses are built on Calle Betis, similar to those of Fair, with free and free access and inside it is possible to try the typical dishes of the tradition of the Triana district with a huge variety of products. Among the most popular dishes, the "fried fish”And beer, without forgetting obviously the Andalusian wine.

Every day, however, it is possible to visit the Triana market where it is possible to participate in the various activities that take place inside it. Also during the holidays, on the river, various games and competitions are proposed, but the most important remains "The Cucaña". For this game a horizontal pole of a few meters greased with grease or slippery materials is placed, the aim is to take the flag that is at the end. If you fall, you end up in the Guadalquivir River.

On the 25th, the day of Santiago, is particularly focused on the religious part (which we will see later) and on cycling: the starting point for the bike ride is set at Piazza Altozano, the route is 115 kilometers.

The religious side of the Vela di Santa Ana

The reason for the feast of the Vela di Sant'Anna in Triana is religion, it is an event that celebrates Santa Anna and Santiago. Mainly religious days focus on worship and images, with floral offerings to the Triana Cathedral. The first night is celebrated Los Gozos de la Señá Santa Ana which is held at midnight and where hundreds of believers come to assist. For the uninitiated, "Los Gozos" are songs, or the Joys to the Saint that end with the tolling of the bells of the Cathedral of Triana.

Immediately after the doors of the church of Santa Ana open to the faithful where the kiss of the hand to the statue of the saint begins.

The 26 day, at 07.30 in the morning the prayer of the Rosary of La Aurora is carried out with the statue of the Madonna del Carmen and the first Eucharist of the day of Saint Anne at 11 in the morning. As for the other religious functions, they will be held in the afternoon, usually at 20.30, inside the same church.

Sunday night is probably one of the best moments of the Vela di Triana, the lighting is done through a castle of fireworks that at midnight celebrate what is the feast of Santa Anna and will determine the end of the parties inside the district of Triana.

Where is the Santa Ana Vela festival held?

As already mentioned, the festival of the Vela di Sant'Ana, or Triana, is held in the Triana district where an area with sheds and games is organized where it is possible to eat, drink and have fun. The celebrations will last from 21 July to 26 July.

How to reach the Barrio di Triana

It is possible to reach the Barrio di Triana via the Seville metro or the Line buses that will take you to the Isabel II Bridge. If you choose to use the metro take the only line and get off at Cuba Square, from here it is easy to reach the area where the celebrations of the Vela di Triana are held, or you can get off at Puerta Jerez and continue towards the Torre dell'Oro and then towards the Triana bridge. Here is an interactive map with directions from Plaza de Cuba:

Where to sleep near the Vela de Triana

What is the ideal place to sleep near the party area? Surely the perfect place is the neighborhood itself, there are numerous hotels nearby that guarantee a good price, but nevertheless to save a little bit just cross the Isabel II bridge. You can compare prices and search for your hotel through these offers below:

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