Souvenirs and shopping in Seville: what to buy

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Every self-respecting tourist wants a souvenir of the place they visit. Below I reveal where to shop e what souvenirs to buy in Seville. We will mention the best commercial areas in which to shop and which characteristic objects to take home as a souvenir.

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Souvenir shops in the Barrio Santa Cruz.

Where to shop in Seville

La shopping area par excellence of Seville is the one included between Plaza Nueva and Plaza del Duque. Between the Campana and the Plaza Nueva, seat of the city hall of Seville, two practically parallel pedestrian streets run: Calle Tetu谩n and Calle Sierpes.

La Tetu谩n Street is the most modern way, where it is possible to find all the international brands most famous and commercial, such as: H&M, Pampling, Pull & Bear, Oysho, Mango, Zara, Kiko, Camper, Women's Secret, C&A, Calzedonia, Benetton and many, many others.

Entering Calle Tetu谩n from Plaza Nueva.

La Sierpes StreetInstead, maintains some Sevillian shops in which it is still possible to find ceramics from Triana, typical sweets, fans and traditional hand-made hats from Andalusia. All these shops sell objects, often handcrafted, of the highest quality and the price reflects all the hours of work and dedication of the manufacturer. Only a few famous brands have managed to put their logo on this street. Springfield, Pampling, Stradivarius, Lush, Guess and Desigual are undoubtedly the most renowned.

Crowds of people on Calle Sierpes.

La Cuna Street it is the habitat of the little ones independent shops. In this pedestrian street, parallel to the two mentioned above, located between Plaza del Salvador and Calle Lara帽a, modern and alternative shops alternate with traditional shops where you can admire the craftsmanship of the Sevillian seamstresses. The beautiful shop windows showcase the typical Sevillian fabrics and clothes and the finest bridal ones.

Calle Cuna dalla Plaza el Salvador.

In its own Duque Square we will find the Spanish emblem of shopping, or 芦El Corte Ingles芦. This is the shopping center par excellence and inside we will find just about everything: perfumes, clothing of various brands, home decoration, books, toys, etc.

The English Court nella Plaza del Duque.

Another central area in the city of Seville where you can go shopping is theAlfalfa. In this area the shops have come together to give each other more appeal under the "Soho Benita" brand. In addition to restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, you can find rather alternative art galleries and shops.

The Alfalfa of Seville.

Last mention on where to shop in Seville is dedicated to Nervi贸n Plaza shopping center. A few steps from the Sevilla FC football stadium we find this modern shopping center. A mall of those that we can also find in Italy, where it is possible buy everything, as well as offering leisure options such as restaurants and a multiplex cinema.

The Nervi贸n Plaza shopping center.

The most typical Seville souvenirs

One might think that the shopping area is also the place to find souvenirs. In reality these types of commercial premises have colonized Seville and it will therefore be possible to find them everywhere. From the Barrio Santa Cruz to the Guadalquivir river, the whole center offers a very wide range of merchandising.

Some of the souvenirs for sale.

In these increasingly common shops, we will find many objects, all of them very cheap. Fans, T-shirts, magnets, tiles and ceramics, key rings, hats and clothes that simulate the traditional ones of Seville are undoubtedly the products that are bought the most. It goes without saying that the quality of the objects we find in the souvenir shops it is much more scarce than that of the products on sale in traditional places, for example on Calle Sierpes.

Nice t-shirts in Seville.

Souvenirs in Seville are now part of the street furniture. If by chance we missed buying a souvenir in the authorized shops, in the Plaza de Espa帽a, along the Avenida Constituci贸n, in the Barrio Santa Cruz or in the Paseo Col贸n, there will be a fleet of kiosks and street vendors  ready to offer us other folkloric objects 芦made in Sevilla禄. Among these we will find, in addition to the inevitable fans, me too'incense. This symbol of the Holy Week in Seville can be found in various aromas and is normally offered together with the ceramic brazier.

A peddler selling incense.

Quality souvenirs in Seville

If what you want to take home is a nice memory or you want to make a quality gift, then you won't have to fall into temptation with the ultra-cheap prices described above. As already mentioned, in Seville quality and craftsmanship come at a very high price.

The most typical gift is undoubtedly the range. In Sierpes Street you will find various traditional shops where you can buy the abanico with hand-painted decorations that you like best. Prices vary depending mainly on the material and the precision of the drawing.

Fans and accessories in Calle Sierpes.

Especially around the Plaza de Toros, specifically in the Adriano Street, we will find stores of hats (sombrerer铆as). Related to the world of bullfighting, these accessories are one of the specialties of Andalusian tailors. Prices are often dizzying, but you can find some other items (wallets, key rings, etc.), always handcrafted and leather, which can be a wonderful memory.

Traditional and handcrafted hats.

To buy tiles and Andalusian ceramics there is only one place in Seville to go and that is the neighborhood of Triana, specifically the Pottery Street. Here it will be possible to buy any ceramic you have in mind decorated with i typical Andalusian colors and motifs. Often it is the manufacturers themselves who have opened up for sale to the public, which is why quality is guaranteed.

One of the corners of Triana where pottery still survives.

Finally, if your dream is to go home with a typical dress of Seville, then you will have to take a tour in the area around the Plaza del Salvador: in the Cuna Street, Francos Street and the other alleys of this area. Normally the "flamenco dress禄Is made to measure and that is why the prices are very high. Even the accessories of these clothes (earrings, brooches, headbands, etc.) can be an original and cheap gift.

A business of flamenco dresses.

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