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Whether you want to stay in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, in the El Arenal area or further away from the center, the hotel in Seville to choose from covering a wide range of types. We go from small family-run pensions to luxury hotels that guarantee maximum comfort.

THEhigh season in Seville it starts from March and runs until June, and then resumes in September and October after the scorching summer heat; during this period the rates are higher and the demand is decidedly high: it is therefore necessary to book in advance to find the right accommodation that matches your preferences, so let's see some of the hotel categories that can be right for you.

Cheap hotels

If your vacation budget is tight, find one cheap accommodation in Seville may be the right choice. A low cost hotel it is not synonymous with bad reputation: the vast majority of people who have stayed in these structures remember them with pleasure, thanks also to the friendliness and welcome given to them by the owners.

- cheap hotels in Seville they are ideal for those who know how to adapt without major problems: in fact, you can find somewhat small rooms, with basic furnishings and less luxurious bathrooms, but for those who are determined to use the hotel as a simple base for an overnight stay, they are details of little account.

  • Hotel Boutike: recently entered the Seville hospitality scene, it was born from the Spanish-American union of the two owners. The environment is comfortable, it is located in the central area, and also offers a small gym for free. There is a shared kitchen that you can use freely and a roof terrace for relaxing.
  • Puerta Sevilla: 10 minutes walk from the Real Alcazar, the hotel offers rooms with air conditioning and free wifi. The Puerta Sevilla is decorated in perfect Sevillian style and the reception is open 24 hours a day and will be ready to answer your questions. There are luggage storage and laundry services.
  • Pension Santa Maria la Blanca: is located in the Barrio of Santa Cruz and has a nice Andalusian patio, a reception open 24 hours on 24 and free wi-fi. The rooms can have private or shared bathroom. Calle Sierpes, one of the main shopping streets of the city, is only a 5-minute walk away.
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luxury hotel

If you have the option of not having to spare any expenses for a stay in Seville, choose one luxury hotel will make your vacation unforgettable. The main feature of the luxury hotel in Seville is that they are often found in typical historic buildings and have perfectly preserved the aspect of the Andalusian tradition.

The elegance of these structures will be able to make you fall even more into spirit of this land, while the services offered reflect the standards of the category: from large and fully equipped rooms to excellent restaurants and bars, from wellness paths and fitness areas to shuttle or limousine services.

  • Hotel Palacio de Villapanes: located in an XNUMXth century palace, this property is built around an elegant central patio. Centrally located in the Barrio of Santa Cruz, the hotel offers suites, a wellness area and a restaurant ready to satisfy all five senses. All major tourist attractions are within easy walking distance.
  • Hotel Alfonso XIII: for a long time it was the only 5-star hotel in Seville, and still today it is certainly the luxury hotel par excellence. The rooms are sumptuously decorated in an Andalusian style. Exceptionally, a brunch buffet is offered on Sundays. Excellent restaurant and bar inside.
  • Hotel EME: occupies an old manor house at the foot of the Giralda. The furniture chosen reflects a mix of Andalusian tradition and modern architecture. The rooms are located around a central patio and at sunset, from the terrace of the hotel you can enjoy an excellent view of the city.
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Hotel for couples

Romantic hotels for couplesThese are accommodations where there is a particular attention to detail. The furnishings are refined, from the common areas to the private rooms. Often these hotels offer room service, private dining and generally a range of amenities that guarantee one certain intimacy for guests.

For the most part, these are luxury hotels, so the rates are quite high, even in the face of the excellent service offered.

  • Number 7: This intimate 6-room hotel has been recognized multiple times as one of the best romantic hotels in Seville. The landlord has converted his house into a very charming hotel. There is a particular attention to detail, one certainly does not have the idea of ​​being in an impersonal environment. Great selection of wines and food make Number 7 also one of the best places to eat in Seville.
  • Corral del Rey: in the heart of the Santa Cruz district, the style of the Corral del Rey furniture is unique: it seems to be in an art gallery. Do not miss the terrace from which you can enjoy an excellent view of the old city; come in the evening with your partner for a drink: the atmosphere is decidedly romantic! Private dinners are also organized on request.
  • Hotel Amadeus: This hotel can be described as a musical oasis in the heart of Seville. Immediately at the entrance you can see a piano and a harp and you can listen to classical music in the background. In the rooms themselves there are pianos for guests to use. The hotel is located in the Barrio of Santa Cruz and is ideal for those who love to be carried away by the music.
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Family hotel

These hotels stand out for the services made available for families. They are found primarily in neighborhoods where there are various kinds of restaurants, supermarkets and shops. They also offer spacious and welcoming rooms, as well as play areas, babysitting services and more.

Often these are hotels that have one entertainment staff which entertains the little ones in the evening and allows parents to find time for relaxation. These facilities also offer gods organized tours to visit the most important attractions of the city, so as to facilitate the movements of a family who often may have to bring strollers with them.

  • Hotel Doña Maria: an outdoor swimming pool and a roof terrace are the two strengths of the hotel. Family rooms for 4 people are available, with the addition of an extra bed on request. There are also baby cots available. The hotel is located near the Seville Cathedral.
  • Hotel El Rey Moro: located in a restored XNUMXth century building on a pedestrian street, the El Rey Moro hotel offers both rooms and suites. Other services include bike rental and room service.
  • Casa Romana: certainly the babysitting service is one of the strengths of the hotel. The rooms are of different levels, ranging from standard rooms to suites. Private parking and a small playground in the neighborhood suitable for children complete the picture for a carefree holiday.
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