Rainy day plans in Seville

Are you in Seville and it's a cloudy day? Don't worry, in Seville you never run out of plans. That's why in ForSevillaLovers we have created a list of things to do on a rainy day in this city.

Are you in Seville and it's a cloudy day? Don't worry, in Seville you never run out of plans. That's why in ForSevillaLovers we have created a list of things to do on a rainy day in this city.

Visit the Fine Arts Museum

Rain or shine, this art gallery is a must-see. One of the most important museums in Spain, second only to the great painting museums of Madrid. The beautiful building which was once a 17th century convent houses paintings by important artists such as Zurbarán, Valdés Leal, Murillo and Velázquez. Like all the assets of the Junta de Andalucía, the Museum of Fine Arts is also free for all EU citizens. It is located in the Plaza del Museo, just a few minutes from the Campana.

Visit the Palace Houses of Seville

In the historic center of Seville, in addition to the most important monuments, we find many other properties of lesser importance but of extreme beauty. There are many noble palatial houses present just a few minutes walk from the Cathedral. The most important and famous is undoubtedly the Casa Pilatos, a house in which the arabesque style meets the Roman statues and the Renaissance style. Having Roman remains (often from Italica) is a fact that also exists in other aristocratic Sevillian palaces such as the Casa Salinas and the Palacio de Lebrija in the Barrio Santa Cruz. Last but not least, but not for beauty, near the Metropol Parasol (Las Setas) you can visit the Palacio de las Dueñas (Palace of Las Dueñas) . Inaugurated only a few years ago, this noble house belonging to the famous Alba family will surprise you with its interior courtyard and glorious historical furniture and paintings.

Visit the exhibitions at the Caixa Forum

This brand new museum, recently inaugurated at the foot of the controversial Torre Sevilla (Torre Pelli), is becoming more and more successful thanks to the temporary exhibitions that take place. So far, these have been very well attended by the public and those planned for the future look promising. During the Christmas period it was possible to see the exhibition of Disney drawings, original handmade illustrations of Walt Disney's most famous cartoons. After that and until the 13th of May it will be possible to see the exhibition of colour photographs by Robert Capa . The entrance fee is 4 euros, but it is definitely worth it. To know all the exhibitions of the Caixa Forum you can visit the web.

Eating in a Seville market

When it rains, even Seville's famous nightlife is affected. The terraces and outdoor tables remain empty and the bars and the interiors of bars and restaurants fill up beyond belief. Where you can find some space while staying protected from the elements is the market. There are three markets in Seville where you can eat quietly and without getting wet: the Mercado de la Calle Feria, the Mercado de Triana and the Mercado de la Lonja del Barranco. The first one, the Mercado de la Calle Feria, is the one with the most youthful atmosphere, typical of the Calle Feria and the Alameda de Hércules. Here you can buy a combo beer + tapa for 4 €. The variety of tapas is really remarkable, from paella to South American food to fried fish. losThe Triana market is the one with the most traditional soul. Here you can still find traditional stalls, but more and more tapas bars and excellent gastronomic options are coming in. The Mercado Lonja del Barranco, also near the Triana Bridge, is the most chic and touristy. There are no traditional stalls here, just small kiosks where you can sample Seville's great culinary variety.

Exhibitions in the Pabellón de la Navegación

A few steps from the Caixa Forum is the Pabellón de la Navegación, a structure that survived and recovered from Expo '92. Here today there are many temporary exhibitions, some typically Sevillian and others modern and contemporary. The last exhibitions in the Pavilion have been about Expo '92, the most important Sevillian event of the last century, and Van Gogh, the latter more of an experience than an exhibition. Van Gogh Alive, an itinerant event that also took place in Rome, aims to show the paintings of the famous artist in a different way to the traditional one. So instead of admiring the original works we relax lying in a room with music and large maxi screens on which the works of the author are scrolling. To know all the events in the Pabellón de la Navegación you can visit the website.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Seville

In the middle of the Maria Luisa Park is the Archaeological Museum of Seville. A really interesting museum that traces the history of the Andalusian capital through numerous testimonies from different periods. The basement is dedicated to prehistoric finds and above all to the testimony of the Iberian population in Seville. The ground floor, on the other hand, will fascinate us above all with the findings of the Roman period. In this interesting museum are kept beautiful statues and incredible mosaics. It must be said that most of the Roman testimonies come from Italica and other localities of the province. Also in this case, the entrance is free for EU citizens.

Snack on some good churros and chocolate

The bad weather calls for something hot and what better than a good cup of hot chocolate with churros . An option that is always valid when it is raining outside is to stop at one of the many bars in Seville that offer this snack (or breakfast). Churros, for the uninitiated, are fried sticks of wheat flour, water, salt and sugar. These can be tasted, as mentioned, in bars or in other places or specialized kiosks called churrerías.

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