Living in Seville: study, work and history

For a period or a lifetime, live in Seville it is definitely the best choice you can make. The capital of Andalucia is the queen of Guadalquivir and the entire region, with a unique history and culture in the world. The city itself is an example of the soul of the Spaniards, more precisely of the Andalusians who "live" the street all year round and have fun without escaping duties.

Seville is full of monuments, its history has given it a unique heritage throughout the world, without losing that Spanish identity that can be found in the neighborhoods of Macarena and Triana. The very famous Giralda and Real Alcazar, the royal palace that over the centuries has been transformed by adapting to the various sovereigns; we must not forget to mention the Cathedral of the city with a unique history behind it.

In short, it is a city where living is certainly beautiful and cheap. It is possible to visit the monuments in a totally free way thanks to Seville Card with which you can also have many discounts in restaurants and shops.

The capital of Andalusia offers numerous opportunities for entertainment, from bars, pubs to discos, but there is no shortage of traditional taverns where there are Flamenco shows (a typical Spanish dance) and in some periods of the years real events such as the Feria of Seville or the Semana Santa. The citizens are all available, willing to help everyone and very friendly, in short, creating a network of friendships in this region of Spain, in general, is not difficult.

The city is very economical, from fish to beer which costs only one euro and even dining out on the famous tapas is not expensive, in short, it is a city where you can live on a much lower salary than the Italian one (especially if we compare it to the cities of Northern Italy ).

Living in Seville, a city beyond history

But Seville is not just tourism, it is a real one shopping center for Spain, a region that attracts many students, not only Spaniards, who want to have their own experience of Erasmus in Seville. Living in Seville it is truly a unique experience of its kind, above all it is a very economical and human-sized city ... it is not a capital or a big city like Naples, Rome, Paris, Madrid, but a small town of 750 inhabitants.

The city offers numerous study and work opportunities, also understand how to move in Seville it is very simple thanks to a very efficient and above all economical public transport network. From the capital of Andalusia it is easy to reach many other Spanish realities, it is located about 600 km from Madrid, and a 6 hour drive from Valencia, a little more from Barcelona but the trains work perfectly (even if they are a bit expensive, comparing them to the Italian ones). Thanks to'Seville Airport the city is perfectly connected with Ryanair in Rome, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, and other European capitals.

In short, live in Seville for a while it can be a once in a lifetime experience that you can tell your children… someday.

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