Flamenco to Siviglia

One of the typical dances of the Andalusian tradition is certainly the flamenco, in Seville it is possible to attend incredible and beautiful shows that you absolutely must not miss. For the uninitiated, flamenco is a traditional dance of the gypsies of southern Spain. In this post I will tell you about some places and bars where to attend performances of Flamenco in Seville.

A brief history of Flamenco

The Flamenco dance is typical of the gypsy population, that is the gypsies of Andalucia. It seems that this particular dance originated in the second half of the 700th century, practiced mainly by gypsies in a clandestine way because they were not free to express their traditions within the kingdom. Thanks to Charles III, this population obtained the consent of free circulation, thus allowing the Flamenco to spread throughout the south and throughout Spain.

Flamenco to Siviglia

The city of Seville is practically the center of Flamenco dance, then follow the city of Granada and a few others in southern Spain. In the capital of the Andalusian region it is possible to see shows every day, some even free of charge.

What is sure is that if you go to the Andalusian capital and wonder what to see in Seville, expect to attend one Flamenco show. But what are the places where it is possible enjoy a high-level show?

Free Seville Flamenco Show

One of the places where you can attend a free Flamenco performance è LOLA OF THE KINGSit is a small place where the owner "Lola" together with her husband perform every day (or almost) to entertain customers. It is a truly unique and very famous place in the flamenco scene and is located atAvenida de Blas Infante, 6.

It's possible attend the shows from Wednesday to Saturday from 12.00 with free admission and with drink at really interesting and reasonable prices. Enjoy flamenco with a good glass of Andalusian wine it could truly be a unique experience and not to be missed!

Then there is the Carboneria: it is another historical place that presents one of the typical features of Tablao, a particular bar where there are flamenco shows and also spontaneous dances by customers on Thursday evenings. The Carboneria is located near the church Santa Cruz to Calle Levis 18. Admission is completely free.

These are probably the only places where attend a free flamenco show in Seville, but they are often too full and for this reason it is sometimes better to opt for other solutions.

Best Flamenco clubs in Seville

Among the best places where see a flamenco dance in Seville there are definitely these places:

  • The Roosters: it is a reference place of the Sevillian tradition, for many it is THE club of Flamenco where for over 50 years they have performed among the best professionals of this dance. The restaurant is located in Plaza Santa Cruz 11 and it is possible to see the shows every day from 20.00 to 22.30, the price is 30 euros for adults and 15 € for children. Within the ticket cost is including a drink.
  • El Arenal: it is a small place with a truly unique atmosphere. Inside, at the price of 37 euros with a drink, 59 € with tapas or 72 € with dinner, it's possible witness the true tradition of Sevillian flamenco. The restaurant is open every day from 19.30 and is located in Rodò street 7. The good thing about this bar is that there are few tourists, and seeing improvisation shows is really easier.
  • House of Memory: it is not a real bar, but it is certainly one of the cultural centers of the Memory of Flamenco. Here the best artists perform, it is located in Ximenez de Enciso Street, the price to enter is 15 € there are discounts for students and residents.

These are best places to attend a Flamenco performance in Seville.

Flamenco tickets Sevilla

If you have thought of attending one of the Andalusian flamenco shows then you should book your ticket to avoid the risk of not finding any place. Below is the best proposal to buy your ticket:

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