Andalusia tour: how to organize a trip to southern Spain

Andalusia tour: how to organize a trip to southern Spain

Andalusia is a very popular destination, but many times if you are not an expert or at least don't travel often, organizing a tour is complicated! Precisely for this reason today we will talk about how to organize a tour in Andalusia and what are the must-see destinations. In this post we will answer the most frequently asked questions and above all we will provide some tips that could be very useful for the less experienced.

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The unmissable cities for your Tour in Andalusia

I have lived in Andalusia for quite some time, the south of Spain is my favorite area and I must say it is magical… but really! Before organizing a trip to southern Spain, you need to know which cities are not to be missed, in short, the essential stops.

Surely if you are planning your trip you must take into consideration Seville, Granada, Cordoba, the suggestive Ronda and Malaga, cities that must therefore absolutely be seen because of their architecture and Arab heritage that makes them truly unique.

What is the best time to organize a Tour in Andalucia?

The best time to travel to Andalusia is spring or autumn, although it is often very difficult to have days off on these dates (also because for a proper tour you will need to stay in Andalusian land for a long time. ). Why is spring and autumn better? Simply because the heat in the summer is unbearable and not everyone likes to travel in the winter, but above all because in the period of March - May the costs of the hotels are certainly lower, as well as in the period September - November).

If you are thinking of traveling in August, keep in mind that the best solution, to cope with the heat, are the coast tours (Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz) then with Malaga, Huelva, Cadiz, avoiding those that are the cities of Granada and Seville (the latter together with Cordoba reach 50 degrees in the sun).

How long does it take for a Tour in Andalucia?

For me, time is always short to discover Andalusia, however based on the time you have available, you can organize a tailor-made tour. But there is a minimum, from my point of view, at least 7 days to see the most important things, let's go and see by period which tours can be organized:

  • 7 days: ideal for visiting 2 or 3 cities at the most, for example you could go to Seville, Granada and Cordoba, without exaggerating because otherwise you do not appreciate the individual cities. I recommend, book your visit to the Alhambra in time, in fact it is possible to visit it for very few people a day.
  • 10 - 12 days: already this is a certainly more acceptable period, with 10 days available it is already possible to add the city of Malaga to the list, and enjoy a few more days Seville and Granada, also taking advantage of a tour to Ronda and Marbella.
  • 25 days: with all this time at your disposal you can finally enjoy the Andalusian lifestyle to the fullest, get to know their traditions more deeply and discover how they live. Small towns can also be included in your tour, or rather the pueblos, for a more complete journey: you can do the white villages routes, or go and visit Frigiliana, Nerja and many other small Andalusian pearls.

7 days Andalucia Tour: Travel to Andalucia how to organize it?

Andalusia tour: how to organize a trip to southern Spain

With 7 days at your disposal you have to organize yourself well and above all book the attractions you intend to visit, let's see in detail the recommended tour:

  • Day 1: the first day is the day of the trip, from the main Italian cities we recommend reaching Seville and enjoying this first city to start the tour. A couple of days here will be enough. Enjoy an evening on Calle Betis and along the Guadalquivir river.
  • 2 day : visit to Seville, we recommend to book theinput all’Alcazar to skip the line and not miss it the Cathedral, the Giralda and the historic center of the city. Don't forget to visit the Plaza de España and take a tour in the Maria Luisa park.
  • Day 3: in the morning try to visit the Metropol Parasol, the Torre dell'Oro and the Barrio Santa Cruz and then in the afternoon move to the Triana area to enjoy the traditional city!
  • 4 day: pack your bags and go to Cordoba, the city is small, so you will be able to see it in one day. Do not miss theAlcazar de Los Reyes Catolicos, la Mosque and Roman bridge. If you have time, you can also visit the Arab baths (really fantastic for a few hours of relaxation!)
  • 5 day: From Cordoba it's time to move to Granada, it's about 2 hours but it is probably one of the most beautiful cities in all of Andalusia. There are many things to see in Granada, but a visit to the Alhambra complex and its fantastic gardens, the eighth wonder of the modern world, is essential. Walking through the streets of the city in the evening is magical, take your time and enjoy it to the full.
  • 6 day: Leave for Malaga, from where you will also take the plane to return to Italy. Take advantage to visit the Alcazaba and the Castillo Gibralfaro, do not forget the Cathedral of Malaga and obviously the Thyssen and Picasso Museum. On your first evening in Malaga take a tour of the Pier One and for the center, dine in one of the many bars.
  • 7 day: visit to Pompidou Museum and La Malagueta in the morning, then straight to the airport to go home.

Andalucia tour 10-12 days

With a few more days at your disposal it is possible to enjoy small pearls of Andalusia, we recommend this itinerary:

  • Day 1, 2 and 3 : Considering that the first day will probably be very short due to the trip, stay until the 3rd day in Seville, enjoying the beautiful attractions in the city.
  • Day 4: From Seville you can reach easily in a day Carmona, a small town half an hour away, very beautiful and characteristic. Here too you will find the Alcazar and walking through the streets of the small town you will feel the true essence of Andalusia.
  • Day 5: Move to Cordoba, visit the city at your leisure without getting lost in it Mezquita of Cordoba, truly unique and incredible. (see day 4 above).
  • Day 6-7: Granada, move to Granada, enjoy the city and don't miss the Alhambra.
  • Day 8: Nerja. From Granada, move to Nerja to visit the natural caves and to enjoy the city with the Balcony of Europe, there are not many things to see, but walking through the streets of this village is magical, then if you happen to be in spring it is worth it. a visit to the sea is a must.
  • Day 9 and 10: Move to Malaga, here you can enjoy the city, the Alcazaba and the Castillo Gibralfaror, visiting over 30 museums in the city and above all the Casa Picasso. (If you stay 10 days, read the extra days).
  • Day 11: Just 1 hour from Malaga you will find Ronda, a truly incredible town with a lot to offer. A visit to the Ronda Bullring and the Tajo are a must, plan ahead and don't miss the chance!
  • 12 day : visit to Marbella. About 50 minutes drive from Malaga is Marbella, a town famous for luxury and its fantastic beaches: super luxurious houses, Ferrari, Lamborghini. A visit to the historic center is mandatory and then rights to Malaga airport to return to Italy.

Distances between Andalusian cities and how to get around

The distances between the Andalusian cities are not very great, moreover the railway network covers all the cities quite well and therefore it is also possible to move completely by train, although certainly a car is much more comfortable and cheaper (if you are more than one person) . In fact, the best way to get around for a trip to the south of Spain is to rent a car, the distances as mentioned are not excessive and here is an approximate travel time table between the cities by car:

Andalusia Car routes and travel times

  • Seville - Cordoba: 1,30h
  • Seville - Malaga: 2h
  • Malaga - Cordoba: 1,30h
  • Malaga - Granada: 1,45h
  • Seville- Granada: 4h
  • Malaga - Ronda: 0,45 min
  • Seville - Ronda: 1h
  • Malaga - Marbella: 50 min

The cost of petrol is lower than in Italy, so don't be discouraged.

How long to stay in the cities for a perfect tour?

Each city has many things to discover, and defining a concrete time could be difficult because it depends on the tastes of the traveler. However, considering the tourist part, here is a time table to dedicate to each city:

  • Seville: 2 or 3 days (find out now What to see in Seville in 2 and 3 days)
  • Cordoba: 1 or 2 days (read What to see in Cordoba)
  • Granada: 2 days (see What to see in Granada)
  • Malaga: 2 days (discover What to see in Malaga)
  • Ronda: 1 day (What to see in Ronda)

Tour of Andalusia organized: Tour of Andalusia 10 days

If you are looking for an organized tour in Andalusia you can contact us by email using the form below, we will try to help you and direct you to experts able to organize a perfect tour in Andalucia.

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